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About Muse Music @ Central


「每個人心目中都有一首屬於自己的旋律,繆斯琴行® 主張音樂無界限,擁有優美的學習環境 , 加上良師的啟發 , 帶領大人和孩子進入無限奇妙的音樂世界。」 

摘錄 兒童教育雜誌 本行專訪




『繆斯』Muse音‧讀妙,這個詞的意思是靈感的來源,一些和音樂藝術有關的英文單詞,例如 (音樂Music; 博物館Museum)等,也是由 (Muse) 一字演變出來。 

"Everyone has a melody in their hearts that belongs to them. Muse Music advocates for music without boundaries, with a beautiful learning environment and the inspiration of great teachers to lead both adults and children into the infinite and magical world of music."


Excerpt from an interview in a children's education magazine.

Muse Music is located in Central and is committed to providing high-quality music education. Our location is close to The Center, Hang Seng Bank headquarters, IFC and MTR station, making transportation convenient. The learning environment has a strong musical and artistic atmosphere, allowing students to learn and grow under professional guidance. In addition, the teaching team has extensive teaching, performance experience, and educational background, providing professional training and guidance for students to continuously improve and develop in the field of music. Whether you are an adult or a child, we can provide high-quality music education and bring the delight and charm of music to students.

The word "Muse" means the source of inspiration, and some English words related to music and art, such as "Music" and "Museum," are also derived from the word "Muse."



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