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"The decoration is full of classical European style, with furnishings and paintings on the walls purchased from places such as Vienna. Located in the heart of Central, the Muse Music has created a strong artistic atmosphere amidst the bustling city."

Excerpt from an interview in a children's education magazine.

We have a European-style theme and have incorporated various music elements from around the world to create a learning environment that is rich in artistic atmosphere and diverse music knowledge. Each music room is equipped with independent air conditioning, allowing students to freely adjust the temperature and avoid feeling too hot or too cold. The music rooms are also relatively spacious, providing a comfortable learning environment, and can be used for small ensemble performances.

We are located in the heart of Central, adjacent to the Central Business District and the International Financial Centre. We provide sufficient disinfectant and cleaning supplies for students to use. Every piano is regularly cleaned and disinfected, and the interior is regularly treated for insects to ensure cleanliness. The pianos in the music rooms are regularly tuned by professional tuners.

In addition to installing surveillance equipment, the building also has 24-hour security guards on duty to ensure that students can learn in a safe and secure environment. Here, students can enjoy an extensive music learning experience and diverse music knowledge. Our tutors are carefully selected and will tailor teaching plans to help students make progress in music.



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我們發售不同版本的音樂琴譜及一些樂器配件外,亦與多間海外出版商合作,如「 英國牛津大學」⋯⋯

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