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「在不少大型公開演出之中,都見繆斯琴行® 師生的縱影,讓學生從舞台中提升自信心。」

摘錄 兒童教育雜誌 本行專訪





"In many large public performances, the shadow of the Muse Music teachers and students can be seen, allowing students to boost their confidence on stage."


Excerpt from an interview in a children's education magazine.

Every year, we assist our qualified students in applying for and participating in various professional international music exams and competitions, such as those offered by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, Trinity College of Music in London, and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in China. In the past, our students have achieved outstanding results in different large-scale public competitions and music academy exams. Additionally, our students have repeatedly won awards in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival and other public competitions.

In terms of music activities, we encourage our students to participate in various types of large-scale music events, such as student recitals, teacher concerts, parent meetings, masterclasses, and music competitions. We have also been invited to participate in music performances for some charitable organizations, and have collaborated with the Hong Kong Tourism Board to shoot promotional videos.

We believe that these activities can help students improve their music skills, enhance their performance abilities, and encourage them to continue exploring and unleashing their potential in music. At the same time, we also hope that students can establish good interpersonal relationships, improve cooperation and communication among themselves through these activities.

In conclusion, we are committed to providing the best music education for our students and encouraging them to participate in various music activities and competitions to showcase their talents and potential. Through continuous learning and practice, we believe that our students can achieve greater success in music.



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