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「 特意從德國、波蘭、美國等地搜羅教材,多元化之餘更符餘更符合國際音樂學院的要求,琴行更會為學生訂購琴譜,以及由導師親自為學生選琴,非常貼心。 」

摘錄 兒童教育雜誌 本行專訪



除了琴譜和教材,我們還提供各種樂器配件,包括琴弦、譜架等,以滿足學生的不同需求。我們的配件皆為高品質的產品,確保學生能夠獲得最佳的演奏效果。 我們致力於為學生提供最優質的音樂教育,不斷地提升教學水平和資源,以滿足學生的不同需求和期望。


"We deliberately source teaching materials from Germany, Poland, the United States, and other countries to diversify and meet the requirements of international music academies. Our center also orders music scores for students and our teachers personally select instruments for students, providing a thoughtful and caring approach."​

Excerpt from an interview in a children's education magazine.

As times change, teaching methods and materials also evolve. Each student's learning level is different, so we place great emphasis on the selection of music score versions and teaching materials. In addition to offering different versions of music scores and musical instrument accessories, we also collaborate with overseas publishers such as Oxford University to provide designated exams, competitions, and some less common versions that can be ordered.

We provide students with multiple versions of music scores to match their different learning progress and levels. These scores are carefully selected to ensure accuracy, completeness, and meet the needs of students. In addition, we also provide some overseas-published teaching materials to enrich the students' learning resources.

In addition to scores and teaching materials, we also offer a variety of musical instrument accessories, including strings and music stands etc, to meet the different needs of students. Our accessories are all high-quality products, ensuring that students can achieve the best performance results. We are committed to providing students with the highest quality music education, continuously improving our teaching level and resources, to meet the diverse needs and expectations of our students.

We are honored to be the designated sponsors or partners of multiple music groups and Christian organizations, including the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, the "Young Audience" program of primary and secondary schools across Hong Kong, as well as other music groups and Christian organizations. Through these collaborations, we hope to support the development of cultural and artistic industries, while also contributing to the education and cultural activities in our community. We will continue to establish good relationships with people from all walks of life, leveraging our strength to bring positive impact to society.



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